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Please go to Cheeky Remix on Facebook or Instagram for new items created daily! One day the website will be up to date! Today is not that day! ❤️

Mask Factory!

You can find a selection of cheeky remix. masks locally  @lulusonmain in Morton, @309boutique in Washington, @restorationonsheridan in Downtown Peoria and @mycurvology on Glen in Peoria! Also at @crackerjaxdekalb in DeKalb, IL as well as on  Etsy.com/shop/cheekyremix

Check out our  Facebook and Instagram pages for photos of new items created daily! ❤️


cheeky remix. is a "roaming" boutique specializing in  hand styled accessories for 

life's everyday and "some kind of wonderful" moments.

Something unique for unique you.

Home•Baby•Personal Flair

Select cheeky remix. can now be found at “Lulu’s on Main” in Morton, IL as well as Restoration on Sheridan” in Peoria , 309 Boutique in Washington and Curvology on Glen in Peoria. We are striving to keep exclusive fabric options in each location! Unique for each store and it’s unique brand of clientele! Take a hop,skip and a jump through Central  Illinois to see all of the options for your favorite cheeky remix. accessories! If you are not the adventurous type 😉 or are too busy busy busy for a bunch of running around nonsense, check out [email protected] to see what new items and fabrics are getting sent to which locations! 

More adventure awaits!

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 Construction site! 🔨 🚧 

Please excuse our mess! We are in the process of updating our website with all of our amazing new products for 2020. So many exciting things on the way. Please feel free to go to our contact page and leave us a message or get ahold of us through Facebook! We are business as usual and are so happy to hear from you! All new items are being showed daily and weekly via Instagram and Facebook! We are also working on updating our Etsy shop for your convenience while you patiently await our next vendor show.  etsy.com/shop/cheekyremix  Join us for the fun! And thank you for your patience!! 💋

Newest Addition

I had a post holiday special request for sweary potholders/trivets. As you can see, I really got into the idea! These make a perfect little hostess gift, house warming or bridal shower gift! I mean, who can’t use new pot holders? Especially unique, cheeky ones! 

Something Fabulous this way comes!

Check out  our Instagram or Facebook  page

to see everything new we are working on!

What we have to offer isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone. At cheeky remix. we are striving daily to be “fearlessly authentic” so that we can provide something unique for unique you!