If you ever wonder where your donations go, or who they really benefit when you make a donation to St Jude,  here is one of the lives you have helped to save. Thank you! ♥️

“Parker’s Purpose”

Leukemia &

 Childhood Cancer

 Head Wrap Fundraiser

We are joining the “Parker’s Purpose" mission to support  St Jude , the local St Jude Midwest affiliate at CHOI, 6th floor Hematology/Oncology Childlfe Services , the  Heller Center and other patient and family resources. The Heller Center is an integral part of families surviving this journey. I have experienced this personally. They provide social workers, family counselors, child life specialists, physical therapists, financial help, patient education and so many other resources. This is the outpatient clinic for childhood cancer and rare blood diseases. 

Who knew when I started cheeky remix.’s “Give Cancer The Finger” Campaign at the beginning of 2018 that it would come to touch me personally in just a few months?! My then 2 year old son Parker was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in October 2018. We have been attempting to kick cancer’s ass every since. Parker is being treated at St Jude affiliate, OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria. We have been welcomed into the St Jude family and are receiving excellent care. We are also participating in a Children’s Oncology Group research trial to aide in finding a cause and further treatment options. The Parker's Purpose Mission was created as a way to help us find a light at the end of the long tunnel by giving back, by paying it forward. It is helping us to find our purpose in all of this. Our son and all the children battling childhood cancer are such warriors. They inspire us daily.    Please help us to support those who are finding cures and supporting so many,  and to put a smile on the face of a young one dealing with the unimaginable. ❤️ #kickcancersass #parkerspurpose  #cheekyremix

Hair up, hair down, short hair, long hair, no hair, sweaty hair, pool hair don’t care!

cheeky remix. head wraps for the save.  Simply wrap around your head, behind your ears and tie at the base of your skull! Adorable with a little bow or in a knot with the ends left to dangle! No headaches as with typical headbands.  For all day hold, we like to add two Bobby pins crossed behind each ear.  Have a little fun dressing it up or dressing it down! To see more models wearing the cheeky remix. head wrap their way check out the “happy hair happy life” page! 

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Tutorial Time!

I’m tired, haven’t finished my coffee, I’m repeating myself and there are dinosaurs in the background. Just another day in the studio! Real tutorials for real people. Perfectly Imperfect!

Video 1 Messy Bun or Pony

More More...

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Video 2 Hair Down Date Night

This style works with long or short hair and can be adjusted slightly for bangs in or out!

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Video 3 Boho Style

A fun addition for the cool kids!