Hand styled accessories for unique you or that unique person in your life!

cheeky remix. is a "roaming" boutique. What does that mean? It means that cheeky remix production happens in the studio but there is no permanent showroom yet. Stay tuned for news on this front! cheeky remix. will be putting in an appearance at numerous vendor shows, craft fairs and festivals this year.  Upcoming events will appear on the Facebook page as well as our website. The cheeky remix. website is still a work in progress and considered "under construction" but I am  doing my best to get it up and running in all its glory. New merchandise will now be posted weekly as I have penciled in a "cyber Monday" on my weekly schedule  just for that very purpose.  For those of you browsing on your phone, make sure you scroll all the way down to "star studded gallery" to make sure you see the whole show!  You will notice a  ❤️ 

attached to the tag on a lot of  items. It's a gentle reminder that due to the hand styled nature of these products, there are bound to be slight variations and imperfections. We find this just adds to their character. Many of the fabrics are cut so edges will gently fray over time. This lends a cozy feel and testifies how well your item is loved! If there is something you are interested in purchasing or have questions about placing a custom order, leave me a message on the "contact me" page or message me on the cheeky remix. Facebook site. That is where a large part of business is currently being conducted. You might be wondering why you can't just click something in  a shopping cart, hit pay and be on your way. Call me old fashioned, but even in this busy age of technology, I believe in making a personal connection with my customers. I feel I can accomplish that even if I can't see you face to face in a brick and mortar location. My tag line, something unique for unique you, includes a personal shopping experience just as unique as the merchandise. I want to personalize things as much as possible for you! This is why custom orders are welcome and I will do my very best to work closely with you to create just the item you have dreamed up! If warm and fuzzy isn't your thing, select items may be found on our Etsy shop. Check out etsy.com/shop/cheekyremix !  I hope you are following cheeky remix.  on Facebook or Instagram  as there are so many new and exciting products in the works. If you don't see something you like today, stop back by. The next perfectly unique thing  for you might be just around the corner!  Keep cheeky  remix. in mind for fun gifts for your friends, your little ones and of course... unique you! 

You are so  worth it!!