Did you know that several local stores carry a selection of cheeky remix. masks?  Each store carries design styles picked specifically for their customer base. I love that cheeky remix. speaks to so many different customer styles! It truly makes my heart full!  Take a little road trip to see what each lovely store has to offer! Curvology on Glen in Peoria, Restoration @ Studios on Sheridan in downtown Peoria, Boutique 309 in Washington and Lulu’s on Main in Morton! 

Second...we will soon be launching our men’s neck tie line! Very excited for this new collection! Unique and even custom Men’s accessories & gifts!

And finally... have you thought of cheeky remix. for custom wedding bow ties? No? Well you should! From rugged man to vintage boho chic, we’ll help your vision for a unique wedding come to life!   We can also box and wrap your unique wedding bow ties to give as gifts to the groomsmen on rehearsal night! Ready, set, gift, go!!

Just Bee

Just be you.

Just be unique.