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An ongoing series of fun facts, inspirational quotes, sneak peeks at the work space, glimpses of the creative process, cameos from "the crew", a bunch of mumbo jumbo, snippets of the heart behind cheeky remix., dirty jokes, run on sentences & complete and utter nonsense!

Wait for it......

February 14, 2017

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Don’t you...forget about me...!

She created a life she loved!

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.” -Alice

“Alice in Wonderland”

In a little over a month, cheeky remix. will celebrate one year. cheeky remix. Is the “Wonderland” to my “Alice”.  My own little world of nonsense. I am so lucky to have my own little world of nonsense where everything makes sense. I have fun everyday! I laugh, I cry, I doubt and I believe.  “Why, sometimes I’ve believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” -the Queen

My path turned and forked and double curved and twisted back but was always meant to lead here! Thank you for spending time in my own little world of nonsense. My “Wonderland”. My cheeky remix.! So much more nonsense to come. I would be honored for you to join me on this magical journey! Let’s believe in more impossible things! But!


Living by this motto is something I strive for everyday in my business! Demands in life are tough. People expecting you to perform a certain way for what ever role you are playing at that, wife, daughter, friend, sister, employee. In my business, this business, cheeky remix., I get to be me. All the crazy sides of me. Sure there might be times I have to swallow my tongue or fulfill a custom order that is not my favorite but I do try to squeeze a little me into everything I’m doing, everything I’m creating even if others have set parameters.  That’s why I said striving. I’m attempting. I’ve set the goal. I am achieveing. There is a freedom in dropping “the act”. A freedom in “no apologies”.  In just “doing me”. Just “being me”. There is always going to be a small measure of doubt; but the confidence is ever growing! Strive to 

“ do you”, “be you”!  Why settle for being a horse when you were born to be a unicorn?!

Open the door, get on the flo​or. Everybody walk the dinosaur!

I guess an introduction is in order. My name is Angela and my superpowers include birthing human beings and looking at the world through comic strip colored glasses. With two boys under 4, life requires a sense of humor. And maybe a glass of wine. Ok a bottle!

I started this business making bow ties for my two boys and then my creative whim turned into an empire. Well not yet. I get inspiration from all walks  of life and my best ideas come to me at 2:00 am after I've gotten up to rub a back, soothe a bad dream, get the 40th sip of water for my oldest or just to make sure they are still breathing. I don't think that habit will  ever go away. They are such angels....when they are sleeping!

cheeky remix, is the "Wonderland" to my "Alice". Some days I fall down a rabbit hole and end up with a fabulous new collection. Other days..."off with my head"! I am so blessed to have this opportunity to follow the creative process. I hope you'll tag along with me. Follow along on this blog-ish or for minute to minute updates, follow us on Instagram. You can also join our millions of Facebook fans on [email protected]  Hey, a girl can dream!